We brainstorm with our clients and come up with innovative strategies for online storefront and marketing. Our winning strategies are back up by flawless execution beautiful designs and a delightful ecommerce shopping experience.

we are focusing on customized database applications using advanced technologies and expert staff to build user-friendly, efficient and reliable solutions. We can help you both in relational database development as well as in document database systems and other NoSQL solutions.SOFTTEAMTECH works with clients in manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, e-commerce, financial services and a variety of other sectors. For all these organizations, data is the foundation that supports everything from daily business processes to revenue generation and marketplace innovation. Our clients need fast, reliable, easily maintainable databases that allow their businesses to grow and thrive. With our long track record as database design, development, and management experts, RTS’s team offers solutions that streamline workflows and unlock the insights within business data.

Popular Database Technologies we use daily basis:

At SOFTTEAMTECH, we work solely with best-of-breed, industry-standard tools to make sure you have the support you need in years to come. Our most frequently used database technologies are as follows:

Our Key Principles

1. Security

At SOFTTEAMTECH we emphasize database security, protecting your important information and providing easy access management for users. As such, SOFTTEAMTECH offers:

2. Performance

We have years of experience in constructing high-performing databases by robust architecture, fine-tuned indexes, queries and transactions, and special techniques for data caching, clustering and load balancing. Database applications dealing with huge volumes of structured and unstructured data especially in online data processing require such optimized databases.

Database Optimization and Refactoring

At Orient, we know what to do when your database is suffering from critical performance or scalability issues. We can fix those issues and remove undue blockages. We offer the following services:

Database Migration

Just like you, we want you to have minimal database downtime. To avoid legacy system migration problems and minimize downtime, we provide database migration solutions.

Online Payment methods